Harvest is Ready

Harvest is Ready
John 4:35

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hello all!
It has been some time since we have written.  When we returned to Florida we immediately decided that the Lord would have us return to Iowa.  We saw that there indeed a great need.  To find a KJ Baptist church one would have to go at least 30+ miles east or 60+ miles west.  We met people greatly discouraged by the lack of a good church close to where they live.  They asked us if we could help.  After much prayer we said yes.  In the last year, one or two of the families have called to see how things were going.
So let us tell you.  We wanted to move there and find a house where we could not only live but also work a radio studio.  The tower would be remitted from our location. Right now the tower is temporarily on a roof in Creston.  We found a reality and a Realtor that was extremely helpful.  She started working with us.  We found a house with three buildings on it.  In March of this year, we started working with a loan officer.  The company he worked for gave us pre-approval status and then approval.  Everything appeared fine.  Then for some reason they denied us.  Their reasons were not logical as we had done everything they asked and more.  The loan officer was extremely apologetic and said I know of another company that could possibly help.  He put us into contact with this man and company.  Once again the process began.  They asked for everything and then some.  Some information was of things we didn't even know but soon learned.
So after a roller coaster of emotions and frustration, we signed for that house yesterday!
We prayed, believed and persevered.  God is good.
We have been packing and sorting, scrapping, etc since March of this year.  We are planning on moving around the 25th of this month.  This will have us moving into our new home around the time we left from our surveys trip of last year.
Please continue to pray as we finish packing, loading and travelling.  We would also ask if you can help, we would as for Walmart gift cards, and Walmart gas cards.  Thank you the Singing McMurphy's

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