Harvest is Ready

Harvest is Ready
John 4:35

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Fabulously Living: Salvation for Gods Will

Fabulously Living: Salvation for Gods Will:    Over the past few days I have been so overwhelmed with the goodness of God in my life.  The best thing He ever did was reach down and sav...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Continue to Pray!!!

We had some snow this week and some cold, windy weather. Due to weather not a whole lot of travel. However still able to make some phone connections with several people. One of the families that we had all asked you to pray for, Ruth is home but with kidney failure now has to go to Creston 3 times each week for dialysis. She is week and gets very cold often. Please pray for her and her husband as they travel the distance so often, and with the weather so up and down.
With the weather so up and down we have not been able to find a place where we can start Bible studies. Our waiting families are eager to start something but have not found any openings. Dan has been able to speak through phone calls with a couple of them. I have also been able to make connections with one lady through email and have been an encouragement through prayer and Bible verses.
Dan is beginning to go through records and editing and making programs for the Radio stations. He also has 1000's of Cd's he is going through and preparing his programs.
We had taken out a double/walk through closet and moved the wall, set up lighting so he could have a small study. There is has set up different recording equipment for tapes, records and cd's.
Dan had a visit with a doctor for his left wrist. He has been having problems with it for a long time but recently his hand goes numb and severe pain. So after a consultation, he will have surgery on the 19th. Please pray all goes well.
The 15th we go to Des Moines for a consultation for Dan's lower back. When the accident happened several lower disks in his back became crushed. He has endured severe pain, such that he has pretty much given up trying to walk with his prosthetics because of the pain. He also has electric shocks and pulses and then fire burning in his right stump. He does not always get sleep and with his rolling around and stuff I also suffer from lack of sleep. So please pray for this appointment as well.
Hannah celebrated her 7th birthday in January. She is so eager to grow up but I keep on reminding her enjoy each moment, live for Jesus and tell other about Him. She is doing well in her school work too. I was having a struggle getting her to "see" her Math but after consultation from different sources I have begun a new method in which she "see's" everything through Math, Cooking, cleaning, Book reading all is hands on and she is starting to grasp it. Love it when the lights come on!!
We are still praying for funds to meet each month's bills. We had hoped more churches would be encouraged to help us in the ministry the Lord has called us too. Just the regular bills alone has put us on a tight rope. We live only on Dan's SSI. It is a full time job for me to be there always for him. Whether moving things or lifting or whatever. I am his right hand "woman." There are times I am quite exhausted and don't always feel the greatest but I keep on just being there.
So please pray that the funds come in for gas, and bills, and also groceries. We were blessed last week from some people at church, Grace baptist Church, who denoted food for people in need!!!
We thank you for all your prayers and encouraging Words!!
The Singing McMurphy's

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hello all!
It has been some time since we have written.  When we returned to Florida we immediately decided that the Lord would have us return to Iowa.  We saw that there indeed a great need.  To find a KJ Baptist church one would have to go at least 30+ miles east or 60+ miles west.  We met people greatly discouraged by the lack of a good church close to where they live.  They asked us if we could help.  After much prayer we said yes.  In the last year, one or two of the families have called to see how things were going.
So let us tell you.  We wanted to move there and find a house where we could not only live but also work a radio studio.  The tower would be remitted from our location. Right now the tower is temporarily on a roof in Creston.  We found a reality and a Realtor that was extremely helpful.  She started working with us.  We found a house with three buildings on it.  In March of this year, we started working with a loan officer.  The company he worked for gave us pre-approval status and then approval.  Everything appeared fine.  Then for some reason they denied us.  Their reasons were not logical as we had done everything they asked and more.  The loan officer was extremely apologetic and said I know of another company that could possibly help.  He put us into contact with this man and company.  Once again the process began.  They asked for everything and then some.  Some information was of things we didn't even know but soon learned.
So after a roller coaster of emotions and frustration, we signed for that house yesterday!
We prayed, believed and persevered.  God is good.
We have been packing and sorting, scrapping, etc since March of this year.  We are planning on moving around the 25th of this month.  This will have us moving into our new home around the time we left from our surveys trip of last year.
Please continue to pray as we finish packing, loading and travelling.  We would also ask if you can help, we would as for Walmart gift cards, and Walmart gas cards.  Thank you the Singing McMurphy's

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

oct 24

Today we drove around Corning ( yes it seems alittle corny,lol) and Prescott.
Very hilly, but more trees. It would be a town harder for Dan to get around. As you go out further back towards, Creston and Lennox it is alittle flatter in some areas. We spotted acreage for sale, not enough land, and too high a price. I liked it though as it was flat.
Hannah is fine, guess she did not get as hurt as I thought, but trampolines are still a no no!
He will meet tomorrow with another preacher. Winding down, but still hunting.

Monday, October 24, 2011

oct 22

hi ya'll
we have been so busy! Dan met with bro. Bill Barker on Saturday at McDonald's. He brought several business men to meet Dan. He had a great time.
We have driven around some more, branching out further yet.
Hannah went to the Homeschooling Day at First Baptist on Friday. It was a fun day. Gave me an opportunity to see how other homeschooling moms are doing things. I was also able to pick some brains and get some great ideas. It was a good time for Hannah to mingle with other children as well.
Sunday we went to Calvary Bible and we got to hear Michele Bachman's testimony. She gave a very clear presentation of salvation. She also gave the gospel so that other could her. It was aired on C-Span. We watched it and yes it was edited! The Pastor got up after her and preached the gospel. So they cut him out, Michele Bachman still gave her testimony. I was able to get my picture with her.
Today we traveled some more, and Dan was able to figure out some things. Tomorrow we are going to Corning in the afternoon as this is still within the radius we can go. He is also meeting Bill Barker again and discussing some ideas.
There have been so many positive wonderful things happening, but nothing is cemented yet. Just trusting the Lord!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

oct 20

hello all
today was a slow day. Dan made some phone calls. We drove around a bit. We spend some time with the missionary family staying at first Baptist. It seems both of our families have been through some tragedies and so we have experienced some unique situations. It was a sweet fellowship time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

oct 19

Today Dan went with a Bro. Bill and rode the countryside. There were some good possibilities. Dan has some phone calls to make. This man absolutely love the Lord, they had sweet fellowship together. He also knows people and businesses. The Lord is good!
This afternoon we met with the pastor of Calvary Bible in Osceola. They discussed the radio station and possible programing in the future. While they were talking another pastor came in who also is very interested Christian radio and good programming.
Before we went to Osceola, we stopped at Walmart. Hannah saw a girl her age and asked to go and talk with her. Dan followed behind. Hannah told the girl that she loved Jesus and the girl said so do I. Then the mother said yes we love Jesus and so Dan and she started to talk and found they are part of a homeschool program in their church and found out that the Iowa lawyer for homeschoolers also go to their church. Dan was so excited because Hannah was led of the Holy Spirit to go and talk with another girl. A little child will lead them!
Sunday morning we find the first family to pave the way for homeschoolers and then we meet the first woman who had to go to court to get a diploma so she could go to college. she homeschools her own 10 children. Today we meet a lady who has the lawyer that fights for homeschools. Isn't that GOD!!!! PTL He is doing something!