Harvest is Ready

Harvest is Ready
John 4:35

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

oct 24

Today we drove around Corning ( yes it seems alittle corny,lol) and Prescott.
Very hilly, but more trees. It would be a town harder for Dan to get around. As you go out further back towards, Creston and Lennox it is alittle flatter in some areas. We spotted acreage for sale, not enough land, and too high a price. I liked it though as it was flat.
Hannah is fine, guess she did not get as hurt as I thought, but trampolines are still a no no!
He will meet tomorrow with another preacher. Winding down, but still hunting.

Monday, October 24, 2011

oct 22

hi ya'll
we have been so busy! Dan met with bro. Bill Barker on Saturday at McDonald's. He brought several business men to meet Dan. He had a great time.
We have driven around some more, branching out further yet.
Hannah went to the Homeschooling Day at First Baptist on Friday. It was a fun day. Gave me an opportunity to see how other homeschooling moms are doing things. I was also able to pick some brains and get some great ideas. It was a good time for Hannah to mingle with other children as well.
Sunday we went to Calvary Bible and we got to hear Michele Bachman's testimony. She gave a very clear presentation of salvation. She also gave the gospel so that other could her. It was aired on C-Span. We watched it and yes it was edited! The Pastor got up after her and preached the gospel. So they cut him out, Michele Bachman still gave her testimony. I was able to get my picture with her.
Today we traveled some more, and Dan was able to figure out some things. Tomorrow we are going to Corning in the afternoon as this is still within the radius we can go. He is also meeting Bill Barker again and discussing some ideas.
There have been so many positive wonderful things happening, but nothing is cemented yet. Just trusting the Lord!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

oct 20

hello all
today was a slow day. Dan made some phone calls. We drove around a bit. We spend some time with the missionary family staying at first Baptist. It seems both of our families have been through some tragedies and so we have experienced some unique situations. It was a sweet fellowship time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

oct 19

Today Dan went with a Bro. Bill and rode the countryside. There were some good possibilities. Dan has some phone calls to make. This man absolutely love the Lord, they had sweet fellowship together. He also knows people and businesses. The Lord is good!
This afternoon we met with the pastor of Calvary Bible in Osceola. They discussed the radio station and possible programing in the future. While they were talking another pastor came in who also is very interested Christian radio and good programming.
Before we went to Osceola, we stopped at Walmart. Hannah saw a girl her age and asked to go and talk with her. Dan followed behind. Hannah told the girl that she loved Jesus and the girl said so do I. Then the mother said yes we love Jesus and so Dan and she started to talk and found they are part of a homeschool program in their church and found out that the Iowa lawyer for homeschoolers also go to their church. Dan was so excited because Hannah was led of the Holy Spirit to go and talk with another girl. A little child will lead them!
Sunday morning we find the first family to pave the way for homeschoolers and then we meet the first woman who had to go to court to get a diploma so she could go to college. she homeschools her own 10 children. Today we meet a lady who has the lawyer that fights for homeschools. Isn't that GOD!!!! PTL He is doing something!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

oct 18

Yesterday and today we just continued our search by driving around. Dan has talked with several Realtors. We are getting a perspective for the area. Lots of possibilities, still waiting and praying.
Dan made contact with a man who is a school bus driver. He knows all the back roads. He sees and hears things. His family also owns the John Deer place here. He loves Southern Gospel.
Tomorrow they will go exploring together. Please pray for the Lord to direct. There is positive ideas, but we will continue on until the Lord says this is it.
Today we were listening to Odessy...and the story was so much along our lines. Dan asked me if I noticed and I said yes, so I know it will be ok. Just trusting

Sunday, October 16, 2011

oct 16

we went to Calvary bible baptist again this morning. really enjoy the fellowship. they are a small church but they are doing great outreaches. In fact they are going to have a special guest next week come and give their testimony on when they were saved and then they are going to be asked some questions about their stand on some issues. The pastor is praying to pack out the house and he is going to preach hard salvation. God can do some awesome things! Oh by the way, did I say who the quest was?...Michele Bachman!
tonight we went to first baptist. awesome time, they have a children's sermon before the main sermon. the associate pastor did the lesson and he has an unique way with the kids. He then proceeded to speak to the audience. He is very good with bringing it down to earth, it is unfortunate that he does not use the KJ. Dan was able to speak with several people afterwards.
This morning Dan just happened to hear one of the church people say Union and Dan thought, Union County, but they were talking about something else, Dan went to talk with them and found out they love Southern Gospel. Also found out that they were they first people in the state on Iowa to home school. Back in 1972 the state took them to court, but the Cockran's won. Because of them they paved the way for the multitude's that home school today. Tonight we met a woman who was home schooled all the way through because of this victory! PTL! God is still on the throne!

oct 15

drove around afton today, nice little country town. went to the tower and did some tinkering, then drove around again. went to the park, Hannah sees a girl her age and says come on, they play, they make a big pile with dirt and Hannah says mine is heaven, you're is hell, but you don't want to go to hell do you? she has an unique way, but hey the parents were standing there too, witnessing in any way to reach the lost!! isn't God good. though this town is dark, when we hand a person a tract, they at least take it!, plant the seed...

Friday, October 14, 2011

oct 14

It was such a beautiful day, I love this weather. low feel like in the 30's last night
Today we worked on the repeater, dan put some Lester roloff and then some southern gospel on.
Then we visited several realities,, then we drove toward Afton, then west , then south, back and forth, lol
we found one place gonna contact the realtor Monday. tonight we asked the missionary lady and her two children to go to the park. burr cold and fun!!!!!
Then we went back to the tower, and guess what, there was a deer, I so am loving this
God is good

Thursday, October 13, 2011

oct. 13

Met a wonderful new friend last night at church. She asked me to come over today. So Han and I did. We had so much fun. She has two young children. We have alot in common. I am so glad to make friends here.
Dan met with the Lutheran preacher today. positive...we also went to the tower and Dan did some touch in up with the tower. I don't understand all the electrical stuff but whatever he did, he hooked his mp3 player into the system for 30 min. and it was awesome, all southern gospel music.
Still seeking and praying for direction...thank you for the prayers

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

oct 12

met with Pastor Scott of the First Presbyterian church. He gave alot of spiritual insight to this town, a very Dark oppressed town. They need the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!!
We went looking around the south of town and by the airport, yes they have one, but it's so small you would not know it.
We went to the First Baptist tonight. we made some contacts. Though not Kj we enjoyed the time. we met some new friends. There is also one of there missionary wife's staying there. They are in Chattanooga, TN but there is alot of persecution and gang stuff going on and thus their lives are in great danger. They are KJ and have our standards, enjoyed talking with her.
There is some possibilities of sites for a tower. Still looking and searching, exploring ideas if we are going to make the move here as well. Lots of decisions, but lots of prayer too. Pastor Scott's admonition reminded me of Romans 10:12-16, how do these people know unless one tells them and tells them from the TRUTH, not the watered down, taken away or added too perversions.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oct 11

Meeting went well with First Baptist of Creston. Made contact with the Presbytarian preacher as well. Drove around the country side looking for property. we made contact with some tower stackers. I was also able to make contact with a Registered teacher in charge of a homeschool program and they use ACE!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oct 10

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!
The college called and they do not want it! Yesterday the pastor of Calvary Bible Baptist said he has been praying about Christian radio. Dan talked today with a Lady out of range but who knows radio and does Gospel sings. She is interested and wants to give help and pointers!
We want to the radio tower today. The temperature in there was unbearable. I want to the hardware and got a steel framed fan and Dan wired it in, thus cooling it down in there.
Continuing to pray and see what God wants! Weather is cool and beautiful. I went to the Farmers Market, I love it. Got tips where to get fresh eggs, and possibly fresh milk! Plus fresh vegetables! God is good!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oct 9

Great day in the Lord's house at Calvary Bible Baptist Church. Also missionary family Baird were there giving testimony. There was dinner on the grounds too. Made some new friends, and the pastor has been praying about Radio!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

oct 8

Today we went to to the tower. It has a poping sound when you listen. It was hot in the little building, so we aired it out. Dan looked it over, and listened. Lots of things to do.
Tuesday we have the meeting at First Baptist. Tomorrow we are going to Osceola. Calvary Baptist Church is an Independent, Fundamental, KJ Church. This church would be in the radius of the station if it is increased in power.
Another windy day, it is supposed to start to cool back down now.
Today while reading Proverbs 8 I was overcome as "Wisdom" pleads to tell those around her. In the market, in the housetops, in the parks, everywhere she cries. How will they not hear unless they are told. How can people learn about Jesus unless they hear the Right kind of music, godly music, all about Jesus. What about a church that closes its doors, those people also need someone to care for them, teach them, Lord what are your plans for us? We are greatly burdened...please pray for wisdom ,guidance, peace

Friday, October 7, 2011

Oct 7

Got copies of the Radius of coverage for the Radio station to the college.
Next we went driving, though we were considered in Creston we were out way in the country. Fields and fields of corn. Hills and cattle, machinery and so on. We were looking for land for sale, or an area with a old house but land too. I took a couple of pics too.
Next we toured an old cemetery. I was struck by the dates, but mostly by the lack of scripture as I have seen in times past. There was a lot of Irish names and a statue of Jesus on the cross. Probably a catholic cemetery. Hannah was so sad for all these people and we had to explain that though there are gravesides, the souls are either in heaven or hell. That mad her even sadder. How touching to see a 5 year old so burdened, and yet what about the living all around us??? Let us be a witness dear Lord....

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct 6

Boy it is really windy! The colorful leaves are blowing and falling everywhere! I have so missed the Fall Season!.
Today Dan was able to met with the man at the College. He is going to have a meeting with the board the beginning of next week. He said he would push this through. Of course do they want it and can they find college students willing to work the station? We will just have to wait.
Next we drove around and found the two local baptist churches. The one First Baptist, is a large one. Very open and kind. Dan was able to give the information to the secretarty to give to the pastor, as he was busy. We do have a meeting set up for Tuesday afternoon. I found out they have a Homeschoolers group that meets every month, looking forward to meeting folks there.
Dan mentioned the church in Afton to the secretary, who said that the pastor had been her next door neighbor. She really did not know them well, though there were people from her church who had left and gone to the Afton church. She is going to call them and see if they are interested in talking with Dan. We are excited because we did not know where to look for those remaining, but just went to another church who had contacts. Please pray for the Lord to open up doors of communication.
Next we went to Crest Baptist. The pastor was also busy, but the secretary was not very open, and very guarded. I did giv her a business card and prayerfully the pastor will contact Dan.
We are going to continue to contact the various churches in the area. A radio station is a great tool to reach people for the Lord. Southern Gospel Music and live programming are the keys to reaching an audience. Right now the repeater is Contemporary and Dan is Not Comtemporary. We want to see the Gospel and Salvation preached and taught but good music has to go with it.
continue to pray...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct. 5

We went to the College today. Dan found that the president was not in, but that there was a man who looked after those things. He was in a meeting so Dan was told that they would get the man to call. He never did, so we will be going back tomorrow. Next we drove out of town and came around back into town on the north. We see lots of ideas for sites for a tower. We went to Stewart Reality. Dan was given a possibity. Then we went to the Music store and touched base. We all had a great time in there. Dan was able to tell many of the radio tower and also pass out several tracts.
Then we went to Monday Reality. We had been in contact with Mrs. Monday before we got here. She has been looking for us and has several ideas. She went to go looking again. We went to zoning, then went to look at the property that Stewart Reality gave us. It took us west out of town and it came back into town the back way to where we are staying. It was not a possibility.
Tomorrow we go back at it.
We talked with a man this morning who gave the appearance that he knew Jesus, we both had him figured out, especially when he said "I have a magazine on parenting I'd love to share with you." Unfortunately Jehovah Witness. Dan did give him a tract and business card for the radio station.
I have a few pictures of the Tower and the land.

Oct. 4

We made it to Creston, IA late Monday night. The GPS took us two hours out of our way. Dan and I both watched it carefully and so we think we know where it messes us up. Don't buy a Garmin!
We also had some van problems. The van started acting up and shaking. Dan had the computer monitor so he hooked it up. It seems that the fuel sock, in the fuel tank is plugged. So we fueled and kept it full. We did get good fuel mileage, for that we are so thankful.
I was not feeling well so Dan did most of the driving. When we finally got here, he crashed. He was in so much pain, but he knew i could not drive. He slept all night through. Then had to rest all of yesterday afternoon.
We were able to drive by the College and found the transmitter. It is on some land that the lease is up in June of next year. So Dan plans to go and talk with the president tomorrow. We drove to Afton and found the building where the Baptist Church used to be. While we were looking around the town's friendly neighbor came and spoke to us. Seems a truck came and cleared out the building. No one knows where any of the people have gone. So as of right now Afton is on hold. Creston is the hub. Afton really does not have much of anything. Searching more tomorrow...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Please Pray for Singing McMurphy's

We would ask that you pray with us as we seek God's Will and Direction. On Oct. 3, 2011 we are setting out on a Mission Survey Trip to Creston, IA. We are going to be stopping at Cedar Creek Baptist Church Oct. 4th, in the morning to be with Pastor Vaughn Foust and in the evening we will be at Victory Baptist Church with Pastor Steve Ward.
From there we will continue on our journey. We will keep you posted on our findings, and people we meet. We plan to go door knocking, soul winning, and also talk to different businesses and churches in the area. Again please pray if KLOX 90.9 FM is to become a stand a-lone and if God wants a KJV Baptist Church to be started.
The Singing McMurphy's