Harvest is Ready

Harvest is Ready
John 4:35

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

oct 12

met with Pastor Scott of the First Presbyterian church. He gave alot of spiritual insight to this town, a very Dark oppressed town. They need the Lord Jesus Christ!!!!!!!
We went looking around the south of town and by the airport, yes they have one, but it's so small you would not know it.
We went to the First Baptist tonight. we made some contacts. Though not Kj we enjoyed the time. we met some new friends. There is also one of there missionary wife's staying there. They are in Chattanooga, TN but there is alot of persecution and gang stuff going on and thus their lives are in great danger. They are KJ and have our standards, enjoyed talking with her.
There is some possibilities of sites for a tower. Still looking and searching, exploring ideas if we are going to make the move here as well. Lots of decisions, but lots of prayer too. Pastor Scott's admonition reminded me of Romans 10:12-16, how do these people know unless one tells them and tells them from the TRUTH, not the watered down, taken away or added too perversions.

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