Harvest is Ready

Harvest is Ready
John 4:35

Saturday, October 8, 2011

oct 8

Today we went to to the tower. It has a poping sound when you listen. It was hot in the little building, so we aired it out. Dan looked it over, and listened. Lots of things to do.
Tuesday we have the meeting at First Baptist. Tomorrow we are going to Osceola. Calvary Baptist Church is an Independent, Fundamental, KJ Church. This church would be in the radius of the station if it is increased in power.
Another windy day, it is supposed to start to cool back down now.
Today while reading Proverbs 8 I was overcome as "Wisdom" pleads to tell those around her. In the market, in the housetops, in the parks, everywhere she cries. How will they not hear unless they are told. How can people learn about Jesus unless they hear the Right kind of music, godly music, all about Jesus. What about a church that closes its doors, those people also need someone to care for them, teach them, Lord what are your plans for us? We are greatly burdened...please pray for wisdom ,guidance, peace

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