Harvest is Ready

Harvest is Ready
John 4:35

Monday, October 24, 2011

oct 22

hi ya'll
we have been so busy! Dan met with bro. Bill Barker on Saturday at McDonald's. He brought several business men to meet Dan. He had a great time.
We have driven around some more, branching out further yet.
Hannah went to the Homeschooling Day at First Baptist on Friday. It was a fun day. Gave me an opportunity to see how other homeschooling moms are doing things. I was also able to pick some brains and get some great ideas. It was a good time for Hannah to mingle with other children as well.
Sunday we went to Calvary Bible and we got to hear Michele Bachman's testimony. She gave a very clear presentation of salvation. She also gave the gospel so that other could her. It was aired on C-Span. We watched it and yes it was edited! The Pastor got up after her and preached the gospel. So they cut him out, Michele Bachman still gave her testimony. I was able to get my picture with her.
Today we traveled some more, and Dan was able to figure out some things. Tomorrow we are going to Corning in the afternoon as this is still within the radius we can go. He is also meeting Bill Barker again and discussing some ideas.
There have been so many positive wonderful things happening, but nothing is cemented yet. Just trusting the Lord!

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