Harvest is Ready

Harvest is Ready
John 4:35

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oct. 5

We went to the College today. Dan found that the president was not in, but that there was a man who looked after those things. He was in a meeting so Dan was told that they would get the man to call. He never did, so we will be going back tomorrow. Next we drove out of town and came around back into town on the north. We see lots of ideas for sites for a tower. We went to Stewart Reality. Dan was given a possibity. Then we went to the Music store and touched base. We all had a great time in there. Dan was able to tell many of the radio tower and also pass out several tracts.
Then we went to Monday Reality. We had been in contact with Mrs. Monday before we got here. She has been looking for us and has several ideas. She went to go looking again. We went to zoning, then went to look at the property that Stewart Reality gave us. It took us west out of town and it came back into town the back way to where we are staying. It was not a possibility.
Tomorrow we go back at it.
We talked with a man this morning who gave the appearance that he knew Jesus, we both had him figured out, especially when he said "I have a magazine on parenting I'd love to share with you." Unfortunately Jehovah Witness. Dan did give him a tract and business card for the radio station.
I have a few pictures of the Tower and the land.

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