Harvest is Ready

Harvest is Ready
John 4:35

Sunday, October 16, 2011

oct 16

we went to Calvary bible baptist again this morning. really enjoy the fellowship. they are a small church but they are doing great outreaches. In fact they are going to have a special guest next week come and give their testimony on when they were saved and then they are going to be asked some questions about their stand on some issues. The pastor is praying to pack out the house and he is going to preach hard salvation. God can do some awesome things! Oh by the way, did I say who the quest was?...Michele Bachman!
tonight we went to first baptist. awesome time, they have a children's sermon before the main sermon. the associate pastor did the lesson and he has an unique way with the kids. He then proceeded to speak to the audience. He is very good with bringing it down to earth, it is unfortunate that he does not use the KJ. Dan was able to speak with several people afterwards.
This morning Dan just happened to hear one of the church people say Union and Dan thought, Union County, but they were talking about something else, Dan went to talk with them and found out they love Southern Gospel. Also found out that they were they first people in the state on Iowa to home school. Back in 1972 the state took them to court, but the Cockran's won. Because of them they paved the way for the multitude's that home school today. Tonight we met a woman who was home schooled all the way through because of this victory! PTL! God is still on the throne!

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