Harvest is Ready

Harvest is Ready
John 4:35

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

oct 19

Today Dan went with a Bro. Bill and rode the countryside. There were some good possibilities. Dan has some phone calls to make. This man absolutely love the Lord, they had sweet fellowship together. He also knows people and businesses. The Lord is good!
This afternoon we met with the pastor of Calvary Bible in Osceola. They discussed the radio station and possible programing in the future. While they were talking another pastor came in who also is very interested Christian radio and good programming.
Before we went to Osceola, we stopped at Walmart. Hannah saw a girl her age and asked to go and talk with her. Dan followed behind. Hannah told the girl that she loved Jesus and the girl said so do I. Then the mother said yes we love Jesus and so Dan and she started to talk and found they are part of a homeschool program in their church and found out that the Iowa lawyer for homeschoolers also go to their church. Dan was so excited because Hannah was led of the Holy Spirit to go and talk with another girl. A little child will lead them!
Sunday morning we find the first family to pave the way for homeschoolers and then we meet the first woman who had to go to court to get a diploma so she could go to college. she homeschools her own 10 children. Today we meet a lady who has the lawyer that fights for homeschools. Isn't that GOD!!!! PTL He is doing something!

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