Harvest is Ready

Harvest is Ready
John 4:35

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct 6

Boy it is really windy! The colorful leaves are blowing and falling everywhere! I have so missed the Fall Season!.
Today Dan was able to met with the man at the College. He is going to have a meeting with the board the beginning of next week. He said he would push this through. Of course do they want it and can they find college students willing to work the station? We will just have to wait.
Next we drove around and found the two local baptist churches. The one First Baptist, is a large one. Very open and kind. Dan was able to give the information to the secretarty to give to the pastor, as he was busy. We do have a meeting set up for Tuesday afternoon. I found out they have a Homeschoolers group that meets every month, looking forward to meeting folks there.
Dan mentioned the church in Afton to the secretary, who said that the pastor had been her next door neighbor. She really did not know them well, though there were people from her church who had left and gone to the Afton church. She is going to call them and see if they are interested in talking with Dan. We are excited because we did not know where to look for those remaining, but just went to another church who had contacts. Please pray for the Lord to open up doors of communication.
Next we went to Crest Baptist. The pastor was also busy, but the secretary was not very open, and very guarded. I did giv her a business card and prayerfully the pastor will contact Dan.
We are going to continue to contact the various churches in the area. A radio station is a great tool to reach people for the Lord. Southern Gospel Music and live programming are the keys to reaching an audience. Right now the repeater is Contemporary and Dan is Not Comtemporary. We want to see the Gospel and Salvation preached and taught but good music has to go with it.
continue to pray...

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